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The following is the Original old game I remade it in a new improved game


About the game

A Short Adventure Horror Game Made In Unity. This game was originally a GameJam entry with the theme "JumpScares". 


After your car stopped working in the middle of nowhere you find yourself into a strange abandoned mansion. Are you able to discover all its secrets? 


W A S D  - To Walk Around

E  -  To Interact With Environment (Open Doors , Read Notes , Pick Up Keys etc)

I  - Open the Inventory

While Exploring the House pay attention to your Sanity. If it reach 0 the game ends.

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Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGIMP, Unity, Blender
Tags3D, Atmospheric, FPS, Horror, Mystery, Short, story, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Night Is Long v1.3.1 209 MB

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When you say the theme was 'jumpscare', whew you were definitely not lying haha it felt back to back at one point! The scare was solid, but the ghost looked more playful than scary. I'm curious if there're other assets available that really reflect something terrifying. I have a strong appreciation for the story being told. Typically, jam games are much more simpler on the narrative side. I see you left a Dev Log about starting development for a remake. If so, consider more elaborate objectives for the player that coincide with the story being told. A game that is only about unlocking doors becomes redundant. Keep on creating!

Good work!


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes you are correct. I am working on a remake. I do plan to add more than just collect keys and open doors :) and the expanded on the story as well. I will have more news soon!

The game kept freezing on me. I even put it low resolution and kept freezing

hmmm that shouldn't happen. What spec do you have? I need more information.

I have a Dell laptop and the system is windows 10.  I was showing my friends on discord but the game froze about three times. I tried putting it to 800x600 and 640 x 200(?) but the game still froze.

Sorry that you had problem with the game. I can't replicate the issue on my end and I don't have any solution or fix. Right now I am in the process on remaking the game. Hopefully it will play better. Thanks for trying it out.

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Alright, I look forward for the remake game


Enjoyed the game! The ending had me confused. Was this a bad ending?

Hey thanks for playing^^ no the ending is temporary i am working in the continuation :) to conclude the story

Ah apparently you died ^^ There is another ending .


SKIP TO 25:35!!!


Feel free to check out my gameplay on the game


Hello! i wanna say that i did enjoy playing your game it did give me a bit of a scare but still could use some work but it is on the right track! i definitely liked the spider effect on the players screen that was a really nice touch , i don't see stuff like that all to often. also i made a video on my reaction to your game so please enjoy - love the spider king :p


hey i played the game, the game definitely has potential  but needs more work for sure. specially on the ghosts apparitions sequences, the  design needs a lil more work.  i like the idea youre working with. i hope more work is put on the game keep up the work my friend. id like to see the final version on it i know it can be turn into a good lil horror game i made a playthruif anyone wants to check it out :D 


Thank you for your kind words  :) I am working on making a continuation of this and hopefully will address all the issues ^^

A short and fun game. Loved the atmosphere.

Hey, I featured your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 6:09! Hope ya enjoy!


everything was good except that moving  tiles around... god i hate those dont want to spend hours on frustrating shit like that

Amen to that


Thought the game was good to play once and never again. Jump scares weren't anything amazing.


Thanks for playing. I understand that and I hope in the next one i will improve it :)


As an actual horror game, it didn't scare me at all, but as a haunted house, it did a really good job and it was charming. :)

Thanks^^ I want to return to it and make it scarier. ^^

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Me: Can we get Scooby Doo?

Mum: We Have Scooby Doo at home. 

Scooby Doo at home


Cool game. I love haunted house-style horror games with jumpscares. Great work and I hope to see more games from you.

Thanks! You sure will :) stay tuned


This was amazing. A horror game even someone like me could play. All my respect. Here is also my video if your interested.

Thanks for playing! glad you enjoyed it and liked it ^^ I appriciate it.

No problem. I definitly had fun. xD


Wow this game was really creepy!!

Thanks for playing^^ glad to see you had good time

Deleted post

You welcome ^^ and thank you for playing . Glad that you enjoyed it.


When I saw this horror game on trending for almost a month, I decided to give it a try. It wasn't too scary. The jumpscares were decent and it had easy objectives.


Thank you so much for playing ^^ I appriciate your honesty. I will do my best to address all these issues in the next ^^


Fun game not that scary but pretty fun


Thank you for playing ^^ glad your find it fun.



thanks for playing :)


Played it and named the spider Henry.


That is great! Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it


i like it!


it was a fun expierience! Thank you for the game :) here’s my little playthrough (Polish language) cheers! 


The jumpscares got me in the first half. Unfortunately it didn't mix things up enough to have fresh scares. Love the game though and had fun. The game is the first video in the 3 scary games.


To be honest, didn't really think much of the jump scares, maybe I've just played too many horror games. However, I did like the game, it has an interesting story, and I'd like to see more.

Thanks for playing! I understand that you might find the Jump scares a bit lacking. I do plan to make a continuation and conclude the story. Hopefully i will address all the problems then.


The jumpscares were cheesy but the game was fun and I had fun :)

Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed your video.

Thank you! I really did enjoy playing! i am happy that the video was enjoyable! Best of luck in future games! 

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I really liked the way this game ran but a little bit too repetitive...keep making more games!

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nice one. reminds me of Pineview Drive :)
keep going making horror games.

My Video:


This game really got me I played it like two three times and it still scared me I really looking forward to playing more games like this so if their is going to be a part 2 or a continuation I would really like to play it soon.

I recommend this game to all indie game lovers or horror game lovers

Thank you for playing! I am glad that you enjoyed it :) I do have plans to continue it in the future and complete the story.


keep me in mind when you do please I would love to see where this game goe

Sure! I will let you know!

thanks for your time


Strange game, good atmosphere and timing of jumpscares. Graphics need to be better and the apparition needs to be scarier. Not too bad
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Thanks for playing, thanks for the feedback. I am planning on working on it in the future and improve it.


2 spooky

Glad you think so^^


Loved the spider crawling across the screen! Good game!


I took it as a challenge seeing as this was made for the jumpscare gamelan to not get scared and well... I failed lol great work! This was the final game in the video! 


Pretty nice game! Good atmosphere and the spider effect is neat.

The typos are a little distracting but not too bad and the meaning is never lost. I also did get a lock up near the end and had to start over but I made it through. 

Is there going to be more to the game or are you just doing typo fixes?


I had fun with this! I tried to make light of some of the grammatical errors, I mean no offense by it!! I was a bit confused about the ending, I wasn't sure if I just plain old lost or if that's how the game is supposed to end. Overall, a great start, pretty solid story, and a few decent jump scares! Here's my playthrough:


Thanks! Glad you liked it. No offense taken!:) I am planning on fixing them soon. I do plan on working on this further and add more into it in the future. Maybe make a remake or new one. But thanks for your kind words I appreciate it.


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

Thank you:)


As I was playing this, I became interested of what happened to this man and his family, but had some difficulty reading the pages within the house, due to some typos I found,  and even at the beginning of the game.  


i am sorry to hear that. i am aware of the typos and I am working on an update soon. Thanks for playing . 

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